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Unveiling Islam for the Evangelist

Lessons from the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Unveiling Islam for the Evangelist

A basic overview of Islam for Christians who have the opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims. 


Refining a Creation for Eternity

Lessons from the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Unveiling Islam for the Evangelist

What the Bible says about the past, present & future. 


Lessons from the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Lessons from the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Lessons from the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Genesis chapters 1-11 is the foundation for the rest of the Bible.

Saipan, Tinian & Hiroshima

Remembering Saipan, Tinian, and Hiroshima at the close of WWII. Pictures and film coverage from 1944-1945 and 2017-2019.

Myanmar (Burma)

See some of the sights around Bagan, Myanmar and Yangon, Myanmar. Formerly known as Pagan and Rangoon, Burma.  On 6 July 2019, Bagan was officially inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine

 Learn about the Shinto religion in Japan by watching this movie filmed at the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

Scuba Diving in Yap

Yap State, a group of islands within the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), is known for its diving. While the U.S. never landed on Yap in WWII, many U.S. planes went down bombing the Japanese military targets. The Missing Air Crew Project has documented 35 American planes and hundreds of men that lost their lives in and around Yap. Over 100 servicemen have not been recovered. Here is a video of some SCUBA diving and places in and around Yap.

Christmas 2018 in Malaysia


Guest speaker series - the book of John

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 Ed Allsteadt Jr. continues teaching on Guam as a guest teacher at Reveille Bible Church. Here is the series on the Book of John.

Egypt 2015

Sights and sounds throughout Egypt.

Coptic cairo video

Learn about the history of Eastern Orthodoxy and watch our Coptic Cairo video.


Tracing its roots to the preaching of Mark in A.D. 50, as recorded by Eusebius. The Coptic Church is one of the autocephalous (self-governing) Oriental Orthodox Churches (non-Chalcedonian) and represents the largest single Christian population in the Middle East. Though strongly affected today by emigration trends, reflecting Middle Eastern political instability, Egyptian Copts still represent 11 percent to 15 percent of the population. Desert monasticism, following the rules of St. Anthony and St. Pachomeus, established Coptic Christian predominance in Egypt and enhanced African missionary successes in Nubia, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Pope Shenouda III, current patriarch of the Copts, has led the church in significant social programs and spiritual renewal in recent years.

The Coptic Church has persevered through the centuries in spite of its minority environment, demonstrating Christian stability in a predominantly Muslim society. The church is marked by the competing values of “a remnant of the faithful” mind-set, ecumenical objectives for removing schism within the worldwide Christian church, and a commitment to spiritual renewal.

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Mount Sinai

From the top of Mt. Sinai down to St. Catherine's Monastery. Follow the journey of Moses. The climb to the top was five hours at night. The trek down was three hours. The verses from the Book of Exodus are read by Stephen Johnston and are from the "NASB Audio Bible mp3." 

Mt. Ararat from Doğubayazıt, Turkey

“But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the cattle that were with him in the ark; and God caused a wind to pass over the earth, and the water subsided... In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat.” (Genesis 8:1–4, NASB95)

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